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Ordering Parts from Heathkit

Q. How do I order replacement parts from Heathkit®?
A. Email us at "orders.2015" at 2015.heath.company. For fastest service, include either your Sales Order (SO) number from your purchase, or your serial number, in the Subject: field of your email. Tell us what part you need, preferably the specific Heathkit Part Number shown your manual. We will contact you about pricing and availability. (For all modern sales, your Sales Order number was provided in your order confirmation email, and your serial number is in your manual and on your product.)
Q. Can I telephone you instead?
A. Yes, but email is very likely to be far faster. If you call, please have all this information available: Your Sales Order number, the kit name and model number, kit serial number, and the part name and its Heathkit Part Number from the manual. If you leave voicemail please be sure to provide all this information, plus your phone number, and spell your name and email address.
Q. Are vintage replacement parts and updates available for vintage Heathkit® kits?
A. Yes, sometimes. We have a limited parts library of vintage parts in our "boneyard" for older vintage equipment. Generally these are refurbished parts. Email us with your specific need and we will check our boneyard.
Q. What are the limitations on parts orders?
A. Parts are only provided in single quantity and only to kit owners. We reserve the right to limit quantities of replacement parts. Parts replacement is a service for Heathkit customers who have a missing or damaged part. Additionally:
  • We may not have stock for some replacement parts. Stock depends on availability, demand, age of the product, and other factors. Generally we maintain stock of most replacement parts for kits currently being sold.
  • Custom MPU chips: Custom microprocessor chips are specific to your product serial number. Heathkit does not provide spare custom MPU chips. If you believe your custom MPU chip has failed, first check our Factory Repair page at https://shop.heathkit.com/shop/product/factory-repairs-27 to see whether you can order a standard MPU replace/reprogram service for your kit. If not, please contact Technical Support at the address shown on your Personal Product Page™ (see your individual assembly manual) for reprogramming or repair. Generally the repair process will require you to send your custom MPU chip to Heathkit for reprogramming and return.
  • Customer-supplied parts and Heathkit Warranty: Your Heathkit is yours to repair, and we encourage customer diagnosis and repair. However, using parts not supplied by Heathkit puts your kit at risk. (This was not true 40 years ago when parts manufacturers were reputable, but today there is an enormous industry-wide problem in fraudulent chips.) Heathkit cannot guarantee or warrant the performance of any parts Heathkit has not provided. For this reason, please only use Heathkit-supplied parts in your kit. Substituting your own inexpensive third-party chips or other components in your kit will void its warranty. Always check with Heathkit for official Heathkit replacement parts before substituting your own.
  • Manuals: All Heathkit manuals from every era were and are copyrighted works--essentially each is a book we have published and continue to publish and distribute. Like most book publishers generally, we publish our books on paper in bound form. (There are no legal digital copies anywhere, in PDF or any other digital form, of any Heathkit manual.) Additionally, all modern Heathkit manuals are customized to the individual kit owner and serial number.

    Vintage manuals: If you need a replacement manual for a vintage Heathkit, we sell the best-available version we have in stock for each kit essentially at our cost of reproduction, bound in our high-quality modern binding. Please be mindful that many vintage Heathkits in use today are a half-century old, and sometimes the best available manual master in our archives for a vintage model is not perfectly pristine. Our website always tells you the condition of our best available master for your kit's manual when you are ordering. If you need a vintage manual, please see our Vintage Manuals web page (visit https://shop.heathkit.com/shop/ and choose the "Vintage Manuals" tab).

    Modern manuals: If you need a replacement manual for a modern Heathkit, please contact customer support, as this may entail custom printing of your replacement manual, deactivation and replacement of the old serial number, reprogramming of your custom MPU or other kit changes, and changes in your accounts at Heathkit.com.

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