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A number of our fans have found some ingenious and unexpected methods of
sending in inquiries, suggestions, and even resumes to the Heathkit team,
as well as sharing with us wonderful childhood memories of kit-building.

We're very excited to see such an outpouring of support.

Friday evening 20-December-2013 at 8pm EST / 5pm PST (0100Z Sat 21-Dec-2013 UTC),
we took a brief pause in our own soldering for three hours
to answer your questions on Reddit in an "Ask Me Anything" session,
a sort of town hall meeting where you can pose questions and read our answers.
One of our Board Members fielded nearly 50 of your questions about Heathkit.

In addition, we unveiled a special competition -- read the AMA session comments for details.

A summary of the Reddit AMA session lives on at:

We appreciated the outpouring of support, and
attentive readers should be able to begin assembling the puzzle pieces
for what comes next. More to come soon.


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