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Heath Company and Heathkit Patents

Your Heathkit product may be covered by one or more patents in the US or internationally, including: US Pat. No. 10219398B2 ; US Pat. No. 10,541,453.

Heath Company and Heathkit Trademarks

Reg. U.S. Pat. & Trademark Office

Your Heathkit product may be covered by one or more registered trademarks in the US and internationally, including without limitation US Reg. No. 2,305,224. Heathkit® in all uses, the Heathkit name, the Heathkit logos and slogans, HERObot®, and "Heathkit Educational Systems®" are internationally registered trademarks of Heathkit and Heath Company.

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    Intellectual Property FAQ

    Q. Why do you have a FAQ section on intellectual property?
    A. Customers ask us about it. They want to know that we are continuing the Company's great traditions unabated. (We are.)
    Q. I read on the Internet that Heathkit publications are in the public domain.
    A. Not from anyone who understands intellectual property law. (Again: Who writes this stuff?) The Internet probably is not an ideal place to obtain primary legal advice. To be clear: No. This is false.
    Q. Who owns Heathkit's intellectual property?
    Heath Company (including its subsidiaries) owns all Heathkit® intellectual property—all trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. (This includes, for example, all current and historical Heathkit product designs, patents, manual copyrights, schematics, lines of business, contract rights, customer lists, relationships, marketing plans, photos, videos, trade dresses, catalog rights, textbook copyrights, logos, publication designs.) 100% of it. Under U.S. and international copyright and other applicable IP laws, Heathkit owns the exclusive right to copy, modify, or adapt its designs, products, and materials that are its intellectual property (roughly: if someone copies, modifies, or adapts our intellectual property--even with the intent of "improving" it--they would have to get permission from Heathkit first). Of course, this is great news for Heathkit fans and customers. You want all the Heathkit® IP in one place under one roof. It means Heathkit can keep being Heathkit.
    Q. Do you still sell Heathkit® books, training publications, and replacement manuals for vintage Heathkit® equipment?
    A. Yes. Heathkit has an active publications business selling our monographs and training materials, as well as manuals for thousands of vintage Heathkit® products, which we continue to provide for a very reasonable cost. These and our other products are available at our website.
    Q. I read on the Internet that someone else owns the copyrights to Heathkit® manuals.
    A. No, not correct. Heathkit did in the past have a contractual license with certain specific companies granting them a limited right to reprint and sell paper copies of specific Heathkit assembly manuals and related publications, to better serve valued Heathkit customers on those special occasions when you spill coffee on your original kit manual, or as part of a joint marketing agreement. Today Heathkit performs all vintage manual printing itself, and there are no other lawful distributors (whether or not payment is made for the manual copies). Other past contractual arrangements have been part of joint marketing agreements with corporate or institutional industry partners. Such reprinting or joint marketing agreements are designed to outsource Heathkit's reprinting operations to companies who Heathkit judges can provide replacement manuals or facilitate distribute our publications cost-effectively, but do not convey Heathkit's intellectual property, only permission to reprint authorized paper copies under express license. The only lawful way today to produce, reproduce, or distribute our publications and IP, in any form, is under to a modern, current, fully-executed written co-publication license with Heath Company. In summary, all Heathkit® copyrights remain with Heathkit.
    Q. So Heath Company owns all Heathkit® copyrights?
    A. Yes. All Heathkit® copyrights, and all Heathkit intellectual property, are property of Heath Company/ Heathkit.
    Q. What about using the term “Heathkit”?
    A. “Heathkit®” is a registered trademark of Heath Company. If you want to write about our products and services in a news article, blog, or club newsletter, or participate in the vibrant hobbyist reseller market for true original vintage Heathkit® products, we're delighted—please use the proper registered-trademark notation, “Heathkit®” whenever referring to us or our products. (On the other hand: To people who thought they could get away with advertising or selling their own products or services using Heathkit's name, logo or slogans, or who copy or mimick Heathkit's copyrighted works, falsely represent themselves publicly on social media or elsewhere using the Heathkit® name without Heath Company permission, try to scam the public by selling non-Heathkit® products bearing our trademarked name, or otherwise improperly use Heathkit® intellectual property: Please cease immediately. There are statutory penalties for this kind of violation. Ask your lawyer if you don't understand what this can mean to you financially.)
    Q. I saw someone clearly misusing the Heathkit® name, or violating your copyright or trademark, or distributing illegal digital copies of your books and other publications. What can I do?
    A. If you know of someone doing this, please tell them to stop immediately and please report it to us at "ip-abuse" at "2014.heath.company". Consider reporting them to their seller venue or Internet service provider. And don't buy their products. Here's why: When people steal or leech off Heathkit's intellectual property, they are stealing from you, because money we must spend pursuing violators burns up resources we could have invested in designing another great product for you, making someone available to answer your questions, or offering your club or school a group discount. We have to reserve our right to protect our good name and intellectual property, and we do and will enforce those rights. But truly, as much as we like our lawyers (we do have some excellent lawyers), we prefer investing our resources in continuing the honorable Heathkit® legacy by designing and bringing you terrific products. So please help us out: If you see someone misusing or violating our intellectual property, say something, and we will do the same. If you're reading this, you're probably already a fan of Heathkit®, and you respect the name and you understand the potential yet to come. Don't let irresponsible people steal opportunity from you and the Heathkit® community. Stop a thief today. The kit you save may be your own.
    Q. This is a lot of detail on IP. Remind me again—why do you have a FAQ section on intellectual property?
    A. Customers ask us about it. They want to know that we are continuing the Company's great traditions unabated. (We are.)

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